• Marc J. R. Perez, Ph.D.

    Lead Research Scientist | Thought Leader | Domain Expert

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    Hello! I lead the research team at Clean Power Research. I've been involved in the field of solar energy for nearly 20 years. My mission is to contribute positively toward a fully-renewable future: a future less rife with externalities and in greater symbiosis with the planet we inhabit. In the past, I've been an independent consultant, entrepreneur and have a Ph.D. , M.Phil. and M.S. from Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

    I'm the author of nearly 50 scientific research publications and one patent on the subjects of renewable energy, particularly aspects related to the integration of Solar Photovoltaics into global electrical grids. You can read most of them on my ResearchGate page.
  • Education

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    Columbia University 

    Ph.D.  (2014): Earth and Environmental Engineering
    M.Phil. (2013): Earth and Environmental Engineering
    M.S. (2010):  Earth and Environmental Engineering
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    University of Rochester

    B.A.  (2006): Physics 
    B.S. (2006): Optical Engineering
  • Awards & Honors

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    NSF Graduate Research Fellow

    Awarded 3-year $120k Fellowship for academic excellence, scientific novelty and broader impacts of proposed doctoral research. (accepted)
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    Egleston Doctoral Fellow

    $10k Professional Development fund awarded by Columbia University School of Engineering & Applied Science for academic excellence (4.0/4.0 GPA)
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    EPA STAR Fellowship

    Awarded 3-year, $125k research fellowship for academic excellence and research impact from the US Environmental Protection Agency (declined)
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    NSF GROW Fellowship

    Awarded $5000 Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide Fellowship for collaboration with the I-tésé (Institut de Technico-Economie des Systèmes Energétiques) in Paris, France on research linked to my dissertation. (declined)
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    CLCA Fellowship

    Awarded 1-year Fellowship from the Columbia University Center for Life Cycle Analysis for academic excellence.
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